Meal Planning is a blessing !

Since I have gone back to work put of the home, I've been making sure that dinners are planned in advance. I didn't do this when I worked from home only. It wasn't an issue.
Since I am part-time retail, and sometimes not home for dinner, It's easier to make a plan and my family seems to be happy with the results.

I had been making the menu in my head and not sharing it, but my boys wanted to be involved. So we brainstormed different meals, mixing in favorites and then adding new ones we found on Pinterest.

By allowing my kids to help plan meals, I know it's something they will look forward to, and even want to help make. On nights that I won't be home and working a short shift (like this Friday), the boys opted for a DIY night and hubs wants spaghetti. This makes life easy for me.
Saturday I'm at work for a longer time period and right in the middle of dinner time, so we decided that I'll take my break and meet them at the food court. We typically eat out 1 time per week, so this is perfect.

I am looking forward to continuing our meal planning journey and being able to mix family favorites with new fun recipes the entire family will love.