Is Hello Fresh worth the subscription ? This Mom weighs in ...

I received the opportunity to review Hello Fresh, with 2 free meals for 2.

While we are a family of 5, I made the meals for my husband and myself. Here is what we found...

The website:
The Hello Fresh website is easy to maneuver. When you sign up, the first thing you do is provide your personal info, including payment, and they are swift to charge you... There are Family Meals, but not meals for 5.

You can preview the upcoming menus for the weeks ahead and choose the meals you wish to receive in advance. If you change your mind, don't worry, you have time before the items ships, about 4-5 days, to change your mind.


The Shipment:
We received our meals exactly on the day we were supposed to and the meals were packed in a cooler sandwiched between big [reusable] ice packs. Each meal was in it's own bag. The recipes and nutritional information were provided along with some other goodies.

Creating our Meal:
The instructions were easy to follow and Hello Fresh provided more than enough of each item.
I do like how thorough the instructions were, the print was easy to read, and even photos to show you what your meal should look like.

Below is our creation of the One Pan Orzo Italiano. I have never had Orzo before this meal, nor chicken sausage. It was truly amazing !!!

2 meals for 2 people, per week is $39.95 with Free Shipping. While I absolutely love Meal Delivery Services that help make dinner easy, I could not justify the cost for a Family plan, when most of the recipes are not things my kids would eat.
However, if it were just my husband and I, and we both worked full time jobs, this would be a blessing.

Check out Hello Fresh and their Meal Plans. You may find that the meals and the costs are worth the times it saves you to run to the store, pull everything together, and figure out dinner on your own.

Tara FunairComment