Pinterest Dinner Ideas Winners and Losers Vol.2

I am back again with some new recipes, tasted and tested by my family !

We’ve been making breakfast, dinners, and desserts …
Here is this Volume of Winners and Losers

All of the dishes below, came from Pinterest and were posted by other bloggers/foodies. The only credit I take is for trying them out and testing them on my family. I have opted not to tell my family what ingredients I use, besides the main item (chicken, beef, pork). This way, they can try something new and not complain, especially if they loved the dish.


Best Homemade Pancake Recipe

Who doesn’t love Breakfast?

Breakfast is delicious any time of the day and pancakes are a favorite in my house. We make Chocolate Chip, Blueberry & Plain pancakes. Normally, it’s a box and water and that’s all, but I decided that I wanted to make pancakes from scratch and WOW, was it popular !

My kids couldn’t stop raving and everyone agreed I did not make enough!

This recipe is a keeper !!


Slow Cooker Beef Brisket with Barbeque Sauce

I’ve made plenty of beef dishes, but never a brisket. This ranked 4 out of 5 “Come Back to the Table” Meals. The youngest wasn’t a fan, but the rest of the family loved it.

This was a recipe that was multi stepped, but oh so worth it. I think everyone’s favorite was the Barbeque Sauce. We had leftover and my husband bottled it and we’ve used it several times.

If I were so inclined, I would made a large batch of the dry rub, and a larger batch of the bbq sauce. Both items would be great on a chicken or large t-bone steak.

Hubby let me know, this would be a meal his parents would love. Guess I know what I’m making the next time they are in town.


Grandma’s American Goulash

We (Hubby and I) love a good goulash, the kids, not so much.

I did find this goulash good, but lacking something, I just am not sure what it is yet.

Maybe there was too much juiciness to it, or maybe I added too much ground beef.

Anyway, goulash is a two-some thumbs up, but not a family meal.


Chicken Bacon Ranch Pull Apart Sliders

This recipe was simple and I really thought it would be a winner, but sadly, I was wrong.

I can’t put my finer one it, maybe it was the buttered top, or the lunchmeat style chicken I used, but none of us really wanted to bring this one back.

I think I may come up with my own recipe for something like that, that is more tailored to the taste buds of the family.