Working on getting rid of my arm jiggle aka bat wings

I've been looking for a daily exercise that will help get rid of the bat wings/jiggle that my arms have. My exercise regime has been sporadic at best and my motivation has been minimal.
I am in need of a serious swift kick in the tush to get moving again.

I found a great video on YouTube and after looking at some of the results others have had (specifically Life as a Mama), I am making a commitment to this exercise. The XHIT video is less that 13 minutes long and I've read that I should do this set of exercises 4 times per week.

Here is the video and exercise I have begun today.

The only way to hold myself accountable, is to share the before pictures. I will be updating these photos each month. Yep, I've added it to my calendar already and I'll be sharing my progress.

Currently, my bicep is 15 inches. My goal is to reduce the side of the flab and gain more muscle.

Since my upper body strength isn't that great right now, I am using a set of 3lb weights and a single 5lb weight. 

I can't wait to update you on my progress !!!