14 Day Challenge

My 16 year old son sent me this Instagram Challenge.


Now, I’m up for a challenge, but I know I will fail that one. I can muddle my way through all of that except the bread.

Seriously … It’s the bread !!

So we talked about it, and came up with my own 14 Day Challenge

14 day challenge.png

Starting on Sunday 1/6/19, I will begin this challenge and it will run through Midnight, Saturday 1/19/19.

I will be keeping a food log on My Fitness Pal and doing my best to update via Instagram and Insta-Stories, SnapChat and Facebook.

I know this looks easy, but for me, it will be a challenge. I look forward to any results that come from this and maybe even going further than 14 days to create a new habit for myself.

Hubby may join me after 14 days because he wants to see if I can handle it first. It’s not his lack of faith in me that is holding him back, it’s that he believes, if I can do it, so can he !

So join me on this new Journey.. 14 days, taking a New Years Step towards a New Me !

Tara FunairComment