Spreading Cheer with my new Black Letter Board

IMG_7530 (1).jpg

I love leaving messages for my family. They can be inspiration, informative, holiday related, and I even leave birthday ones. I promise I do not leave the chore list on the board !

I did have a board already, but it hangs in the kitchen and I think I was getting overlooked. I then received this new board, to review.

This Black letter board comes with the board (obviously), the handy stand so I can display the messages anywhere in the house, 510 letters, numbers, emojis, and dictation symbols, plus the added bonus of a case for all of the letters.


Here is a quick video on how easy it is to create fun messages !


My kids think I’m a bit weird for leaving them messages, but when I don’t change them in a timely manner, they ask when the new message is coming. I knew they secretly loved them.

There is still time to grab one of these for Christmas, so head over to Amazon and check out this fun product that the entire family will enjoy !