New Year, Same Me, Same Problems

new years 2019.png

While I’d like to say that I will give my New Years Resolutions a fair try, the truth is, they’ll be out the door by the end of January.

Most New Years Resolutions don’t last very long. They seem attainable when we dream them up, but life somehow gets in the way.

Let me share some of my past resolutions…

Run More: This was great and I was doing fabulous, but then I moved to NY. The weather here just chills me starting in the fall and the gloomy skies seriously affect me. My motivation leaves and I hibernate indoors.

Lose Weight: See Above. The gym membership was pricey and do I want to drive when I have everything I need at home, seriously … Not in the snow I don’t. I have plenty of items t work out with, but my excuses win me over.

Get More Sleep: Easier said than done. I’m not a sound sleeper and every noise wakes me up (unless I’m sick and taking meds). I have tried Natural and OTC Products and yep, good night s sleep, but I’m dragging most of the next day. It isn’t a fun feeling.

Blog More: What does it take to sit down and write, really? An Idea? Some free time. I can find those. But with 2 jobs, 3 kids, a spouse, a new puppy, cub scouts, boy scouts and the rest of my life (besides no running, sleeping, or losing weight of course), by the time I want to sit and write, my day is gone and I need to prepare for the next.

This year I am going to be realistic. I have my planner and I have been diligent about keeping records and meeting deadlines (mostly work related). So I am going to try it with my blogging.

What do they say? 30 days to make something new a habit? Just don’t give up !

When making my resolution List , these are the things I need to remember:

new years reso (1).png

So while juggling all that is my life, I am going to make changes. What are they?

  • Run More

  • Blog More

  • Be Present for My Family

That’s where I am right now. My January tab says “Mind Over Matter” …
Maybe I can will myself into keeping my resolutions?


I hope that your resolutions or goals for 2019 are healthy and that you give them your everything !