Reroutering Gutters - DIY Home Improvement Project

When we purchased our home in December 2017, there were not many home improvement projects we could tackle on the outside. The snow, the rain, and the cold really hindered us (mostly me) from wanting to be outside.

We recently completed our 1st Home Improvement Project. I didn't take any before photos, as I wasn't even thinking about writing about this topic, but I liked how this project came out, so I decided to share.

The previous owner had 2 10 foot aluminum gutter extensions that allowed water to drain away from the house. The home inspector concluded that they probably removed those extension to mow the lawn or used the weedeater to go around the extensions.

They weren't really an eyesore, but we didn't like them. The home impactor made a suggestion that we implemented over the weekend. Here are the items we purchased to complete the project.
4 10 ft 3 inch PVC pipes
1 5 ft 3 inch PVC pipe
1 T 3 inch PVC pipe connector
3 3 inch Elbow connectors
several 3 inch PVC pipe connectors
PVC Primer & Glue

The run from the 1st gutter to the 2nd is 26 feet long and we have a gas meter to work around. The 2nd run is 14 feet.

We connected 1 elbow to the 1st 10ft of pipe, then uses a connector and added 10 more ft. The elbow is situated under the gutter that comes from the house. We then used 2 more elbows and about 2.5 inches of PVC pip to safely give clearance to the gas meter. We initially were going to elbow back around, but decided not to.
We then used about 47 inches of PVC from the elbow to the T connector. We were brainstorming about this T connector, but my husband remembered some additional aluminum he saw in our shed and we were able to make an excellent connection from the gutter to the T junction. From the T, we then have the last 10 feet of PVC , a connector, and them another smaller piece to extend to were it will run off.

We wanted to make sure that all of the connections were secure, so we turned on the hose and allowed it to run through the 1st elbow and flow through to the end. We could also then tell how the water flowed out and in which direction.

Now, we have a secure, rerouted gutter, that will not hinder the mowing of the lawn, nor will the person who reads the meter, trip over the gutters when they are covered in snow (yep, that happened). We will be able to hid the PVC pipes with flowers, over time.