Making everyday life easier with HousePlus Wireless Outlets with Remote Control

Recently I received the HousePlus 3 Wireless Out lets plus remote control. I knew extacly what I wanted to do with this product when I received it. 


My husband is an advocate for well lit rooms. He loves all of the lights on when he is in a room and diligently turns them off when he leaves the room. I'm more of a "1 light if any" person.

So we have 3 lights in out living room, the my husband like on every night. 2 table lamps and a floor lamp. Now the lamp next to him, it's on a switch. When he walks into the room, he turns the light on and stays that way until he goes to bed.
The other 2 are not within reach of "his spot" on the couch, so if he doesn't turn them on before he sits down, he relies on everyone in the house to turn the lights on and off.

Not a big deal, but he's such a stickler about these lights, I typically leave them off to annoy him sometimes.. I know, I'm mean..

So now that we have the HousePlus  3 Wireless Outlets plus remote control, he can turn the lights on and off, whenever he wants. This makes him REALLY happy.

I really like the product. I think it is completely worth the cost of $17.99 and also has free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime Member.

If you'd like to check out the product , here is the link :

Here is my video review as well....

Tara Funair