How a half sibling found me through

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted on Facebook by a young lady, whose DNA came back, as a close relative of mine. I had no idea who she was.
She let me know that her Mom was told that her Father’s name, was my father & that her birth certificate was the man who raised her. Her Mom was waiting for her own DNA results to come in and I told her to contact me when they did.


On March 9, 2019, I was given the news that in fact, this woman was my half-sister. My father met her mom, before he met mine. My Dad knew of her, but was not allowed to see or contact her because the Mom was married (but separated) and the husband did not want my Dad to have any contact with her.

We spent most of yesterday communicating through Facebook. I now have 4 [blood related] nieces, 1 grand niece and 4 grand nephews. My brother is also excited. I let him know about the match and he is excited to get to know her as well.

I never thought of my Dad having any other children, and so I never thought to look for any siblings. He never mentioned anything about it. He passed away in 1996, so I have no opportunity to ask questions and neither does she. So now, we will fill her in on what he was like, share photos and stories, and I think I may have a Super 8 tape converted to VHS somewhere, that has his parents in it.

I’m not sure when we will meet, since she is in California and we are in New York.

I know she has many questions and I hope I have enough answers for her.

Thanks to AncestryDNA, We have more family to share our lives with !!!