Meet the Newest FHL Team - the Elmira Enforcers

I am super pumped to be able to watch hockey, in person, again!

I may have taken for granted to 30 years spent in a National Market. I had NFL,  NFL, & MLB, as well as Minor League Baseball,  at my fingertips. Que the past year, where I am missing my quick drives to Tampa or St. Pete to partake in my sporting favorites.

I am thankful that I am able to watch the Elmira Pioneers, a PGCBL team. Now, I have another sport I get to indulge in, here in the Southern Tier of NY.. HOCKEY !!!

The Elmira Jackals left the area before we moved here (hubby did get to see a game, since he was here before us). The Pioneers owner, Robbie Nichols, has created a brand new FHL Team for the area, The Elmira Enforcers.


elmira enforcers.png

The Enforcers name and logo, is a nod and a Thank you to Law Enforcement. We have a large number of officers (police and correctional) in the area, so the Good Guys are out in full force !!

Right now, the team is looking for players. They have a camp scheduled for October..
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I can't wait until the pucks drops in October, and hockey season begins here !!

Tara FunairComment