Not Quite Local, but NYFW - FUNARI STRONG

While New York Fashion Week isn’t local to our immediate area, it is a New York Event and I’m excited to share it with you.

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This is my 4th NYFW Experience. I’m lucky I get to attend the shows, even though I work them. My beautiful Sister In Law is a designer in Brooklyn, and has done NYFW shows for many years. Only recently, have I begun attending.

While the show promoters that we have worked with vary, this year I am highlighting the one we did, which is STYLE. We have worked with STYLE Fashion Week before and I was happy to see many familiar faces again this season, at the Manhattan Center.

So, one of the hats I wear, is working for Janelle Funari New York. Janelle has been designing clothes since I have known her (almost 28 years), so to watch her clothing walk down the runway, is just pure joy.

This year, we had 27 models walking and it is the first time we had Male & Female models. Included in this line-up was a 5 year old boy, King, who came to us from A Free Bird Organization and has A.L.L. leukemia (high risk).

Usually, I work the show with Janelle and sometimes on other person. This time, I brought help !My oldest son, his girlfriend, and a lovely young woman I work with at my 2nd job. We hade the 4 hour drive and enjoyed a bit of Times Square the night before the show. I have to say, having the extra hands was amazing !

This season, the FUNARI Performance collection hit the runway in FULL FORCE ! The collection features Men’s and Women’s Performance clothing that can go from the gym to the night life. With Faux leather, Reflective clothing, and movable, breathable fabrics, the clothing offers versatility like no other.

With the introduction of the Men’s line, FUNARI New York offers Tops, tanks, jackets, joggers, leggings and shorts.

Photo Credit: STYLE Fashion Week Mark Gunter

Photo Credit: STYLE Fashion Week Mark Gunter

Photo Credit: STYLE Fashion Week Mark Gunter

Photo Credit: STYLE Fashion Week Mark Gunter

New York Fashion week boasts many Designers, Promoters, Artists, and Celebrities. Even though New York City, in itself, is bright and busy all year round, the 4 days of Fashion Week, put a pep in your step and kick the city up a notch !

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Tara Funair